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Monday, June 30, 2008

Today's The Last Day, Tomorrow's The First Day

Every ending represents another new beginning. I believe that's always true. Today is my last day at eGENTING. That's the place I wish to leave especially when I get support call early at 4:00am. How I wish to resign earlier when my whole weekend is used to trace a program bug, working for the company, from home. Not to mention staying awake till morning to make sure all servers are up and running.

Surprisingly, I feel sad today. I don't feel like leaving all the good memories I had with the team. That's my very first job. That's the place I learn all the world-class programming style, and one of the best system designs, if not the best. That's where I see all wonderful people who always generous to share all they learn. How I wish my resign notification period could be longer, so that I could stay a little longer in the company.

I have been telling myself in the past one year, it's really time to move on. I know what I want. I know it very clear. I can't hide. I must not procrastinate anymore. It's time for me to face it. That's how I convince myself to resign three months ago.

After 6:00pm of 30 June 2008, I'm a free man. I'm not tied to any company anymore. I'll be concentrating for my own projects, working for myself. As what Robert Kiyosaki said, how do you get job security when your job and your salary is determined by someone else? I'll decide myself this time.

I'll go own my own, unless someone could offer a very very good deal that I can't resist. I'll be working on a few projects I have already secured in my hand, finish them in a few months.

As I work on the projects, I hope I could pick up a technical partner who could handle the system development so that I can concentrate on getting more deals.

Finally, the last thing before I move on. Thanks to the people who brought me up to what I am today. Special thanks to Mr Jonathan Searcy who opened my eyes to the real programming world. I don't think I'll meet another boss like him. To Seng Yaw, who guided me all the way and allowed me to sleep in his car everyday. To Chee Wah, Sze Hau and Jenn Yeh, who showed me the way when I got lost, don't know where to find solution. To Chee Leng, who always provided me with all kind of administration needs. To the others in the department (lsh, khl, smk, kwp, ygl, yhd, hyc, jhp, fyl, mpf, tlt, ken, vik, bas), whom we shared the great memories together. Lastly, to the others in Genting Group, who gave me all the phone calls and emails when I'm sleepy in the office.

OK. Enough with the appreciation. I believe they have heard me. I still have only 20 minutes to plan for my new beginning, to start first day of the new chapter that I have waited for a long time.


Friday, June 27, 2008

DHL - Dua Hari Lagi (Two More Days)

That was what my form one teacher told me about DHL - the courier service. Anyway, this post has nothing to do with DHL, but to announce my final two days in eGENTING.

I still have a long list of tasks to be finished in these two days. Need to finish all the things I owe them.

Will probably make another post after I become a FREE MAN.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bukit Melawati (Tabur) Pictures

I went to Bukit Melawati last Saturday and I've just received some photographs from my colleagues yesterday.

It's certainly a nice place for photography enthusiasts.


Always Look at the Pump!

Last weekend, when I was refueling my new Proton Saga at Esso Jalan Tun Razak, something bad happened. No, not the whole thing exploded. The petrol overflowed my petrol tank and made the floor flooded with petrol. It's the fullest tank I've ever had, I must say.

As usual, after I made the payment with my credit card, I put in the nozzle into the petrol tank of my car. I would then walk away as I hate the smell of petrol. As I look at the meter, it is approaching RM80.00, and still it's not full. Then, as it approached RM89.00, one of the petrol station attendant rushed to my car to stop the nozzle.

At that time only I realised that the floor began to flood with petrol. It took a while for the attendant to clean the place and my car.

It's the most expensive petrol my car ever had. Moral of the story (for you guys out there), always look at the nozzle when you are refueling, especially when the oil is so damned expensive now. Though it's the nozzle malfunctioned, but they are not going to pay you for your lost.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bukit Melawati (Tabur) - Round 2

I have been to Bukit Melawati last time, but didn't blog about it. I just went there again yesterday.

I remember that it takes about one and half hour for me to travel from Klang to Taman Melawati. By using my Dopod D810 as my GPS this time, I managed to reach there in less than an hour! If you are interested to go there from Klang, make sure you go from NKVE way, definitely not KESAS. (Let me know if you want me to guide you there)

For this trip, I was with my colleagues at eGENTING and a few from WorldCard. The trip was nice, but the weather is too hot because we are only starting our journey at 9:30am, waiting for one another at Giant.

In beginning of the journey, everyone thought the trip will be an easy one. We were only walking on normal trekking path. After about 20 minutes hike, we saw the first nice scenery. There's a nice lake, which the water was retained by the dam there. Due to the very hot weather, we are unable to take nice picture. It would be better if we could reach the spot at around 8:00am. (But that would make me leave home at 6:00am!)

As we continued, we began to reach the rocky path. There, you get to feel some easy rock climbing. Also, there are two spots where you need to climb down with a rope. The weak or the heavy ones would have some problem there. Those are the points that decide how long the trip would take. You will have to rely on the strength of your hand to do it.

One of us, Tee Li, got his thigh muscle cramp while overcoming some of the harder obstacles. We had to slow down the team.

While you are at the top, you get to see part of the Kuala Lumpur city. I remember I could see KLCC last time. But this time, it was covered with dirty air and bad visibility. Thanks to air pollution.

We went through a few rocky slopes until we come to a sign that indicates that we could head down from the hill through a "jungle" path. The jungle route was filled with fruit trees. We saw some durian, rambutan, mangosteen, cempedak and petai trees there.

The gang from WorldCard managed to get back to beginning point at about 1:00pm. We, as we wait for the injured one, only managed to reach the bottom at 2:30pm. Glad that Tee Li, though injured, still managed walk down the path unaided.

We then have our lunch at Giant. We parted at 3:40pm.

Expecting that the trip will take only half day, it ended up that it took one whole day. I only reached home at 5:00pm after I sent my colleague, Fang-Yin, home.

Sorry that you don't find any photos. I didn't bring any camera. I'll upload some pictures once I got it.

Update: Bukit Melawati Pictures


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Star Supports SAPP Whole Heartily

With such a big image on the main page of The Star, we can be quite sure that The Star fully supports the move for a no-confidence motion against Abdullah. Before this, they also support Anwar as the Prime Minister.

Or probably the editors at The Star don't get enough sleep.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Collected "Free Money" from Government

I just collected the RM625 fuel rebate through Post Office (Sungei Wang). I went there the get the queue number before I have my lunch. My number was 1299, and the running number was around 1220. After I finished my lunch, the number was at 1295. How nice. The guy at the counter was responsive. It took about 1 minute to process the transaction. Even the money was calculated and prepared earlier. Well done for the great service.

You might be asking, why everyone wants to get it so fast when they have 365 days. I think it's because of our flip-flop government that can't really make quick and correct decision at one time. They might regret it some day and do it away. Besides that, I'm not sure when and how the new fuel card system will be implemented. Getting cash into my pocket first should be the best thing to do. Do you agree?

If you are not sure what you need to get the money, just bring your left thumb and MyKad (I/C). All you need to do, is to get the form and fill it up with your very basic information such as name, I/C number, car registration number, telephone and address. There is a written guide on the wall, telling you how to fill it up. I was told that there's an online form which you can download, but the POS Malaysia website is down at this moment.

What's your opinion on this fuel rebate? Have you got yours?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Increasing Petrol Price - Compensated with Cheaper Bus Fare?

The increase of petrol price recently has certainly caused lots of troubles to the people of Malaysia. So far, I'm seeing price increase in many things.

Yesterday, I had to take public transport back (to Klang) from KLCC, after installing a system at my client's office at Jalan Ampang. Since it's 3:30pm (off-peak hours), it took me very little time to take LRT from KLCC to Pasar Seni.

Then, as I stepped into a bus, I gave the bus driver RM3.00 and told him "Klang!". He reach his hand to the side to get some coins. I was very curious at that time. I remember the fare was somewhere between RM3.00 or RM3.50. When the ticket is out, it was indeed RM2.50 only.

As soon as I sat down, I saw a small notice at the front. It describes some kind of promotion from a certain date to a certain date for cheaper bus fare (I can't read the very detail, blame it on my bad eyes, and lazy ass). I was surprised.

The first time in my life I see a bus fare deduction. Did Transnasional got subsidy from the Government to do this? I didn't find any detail at their website. It's certainly a good thing if that's their initiative to promote public transport.

Anyway, it's certainly a good thing. I reached home in less at 1 hour. It's quite unbelievable, though I'm travelling during off-peak hours.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Need More Sports

I feel like I'm really unhealthy at this point of life. I spend most of my time for work, work and work. And, my stomach begins to grow on its own at a difference pace, compared to other parts of my body.

I begin looking for sports again. I remember the days when I go for 10KM marathon run at least once a month (until my knee got injured). I go for volleyball games every Friday. I go for two badminton sessions almost every week. Today, I didn't go for any of them, but I still eat the same amount of food (maybe more).

Until very recently, badminton sessions seem to be coming back. I had once for last week, and once the week before. Hope that will endure.

I am also planning for a small hiking trip to Bukit Tabur (or Melawati) as well, with my colleagues. Not much people interested. Planning to go on early morning of 21st or 28th June. Anyone is interested?

After I "graduated", I might be looking for a gym center to join. Wonder which has the best package and hopefully it's in Klang. Thinking to go there every morning, or at least thrice a week. Do you have any gym to recommend? If you have joined, what package are you getting?

Let me know if you have any sport for me.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Leaving eGENTING Soon

As most people have known, I have tendered the "letter" 2 months ago on the April Fools' day, though it's not a April Fool's joke. It's for real.

The 3-month notification is long, I must say. Excluding today, I still have 3 weeks to be in the office. If you don't do it, the time will never come.

Why I decided to leave? I have been asked the same question many times. I would like to make it clear that I am happy with the company, true from my heart. The answer to that is probably "what is keeping me busy recently?". Since more than a year ago, I began working on freelance projects. I must say, it certainly has caused my health to deteriorate. I am restless almost everyday. After spending 14 hours for work (7:00am to 9:00pm, including preparation and travelling time), I am rushing to finish the freelance projects till 1:00am, most of the days. Still, I'm not able to keep my clients happy.

In that situation, will I still be able to concentrate on my office work? Life's getting worse everyday. I can't do well both side, the office and freelance. I need to be fair to my boss (my company) and my freelance clients. And that's why I made the decision.

So, what's next? Yet another question I keep getting since 2 months ago. I don't have big ambition at this moment. My first aim is to finish up all the freelance projects in hand. I have a few of them running concurrently, mostly programming projects. Besides that, I MIGHT have a surprise move, which is not ready to announced, before I confirm anything.

Hopefully, this post will reduce the curiousity in you guys.

I hope I'll have more time for myself, and some time to blog about myself in this blog after the "day" (30 June 2008).