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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Increasing Petrol Price - Compensated with Cheaper Bus Fare?

The increase of petrol price recently has certainly caused lots of troubles to the people of Malaysia. So far, I'm seeing price increase in many things.

Yesterday, I had to take public transport back (to Klang) from KLCC, after installing a system at my client's office at Jalan Ampang. Since it's 3:30pm (off-peak hours), it took me very little time to take LRT from KLCC to Pasar Seni.

Then, as I stepped into a bus, I gave the bus driver RM3.00 and told him "Klang!". He reach his hand to the side to get some coins. I was very curious at that time. I remember the fare was somewhere between RM3.00 or RM3.50. When the ticket is out, it was indeed RM2.50 only.

As soon as I sat down, I saw a small notice at the front. It describes some kind of promotion from a certain date to a certain date for cheaper bus fare (I can't read the very detail, blame it on my bad eyes, and lazy ass). I was surprised.

The first time in my life I see a bus fare deduction. Did Transnasional got subsidy from the Government to do this? I didn't find any detail at their website. It's certainly a good thing if that's their initiative to promote public transport.

Anyway, it's certainly a good thing. I reached home in less at 1 hour. It's quite unbelievable, though I'm travelling during off-peak hours.


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