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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Need More Sports

I feel like I'm really unhealthy at this point of life. I spend most of my time for work, work and work. And, my stomach begins to grow on its own at a difference pace, compared to other parts of my body.

I begin looking for sports again. I remember the days when I go for 10KM marathon run at least once a month (until my knee got injured). I go for volleyball games every Friday. I go for two badminton sessions almost every week. Today, I didn't go for any of them, but I still eat the same amount of food (maybe more).

Until very recently, badminton sessions seem to be coming back. I had once for last week, and once the week before. Hope that will endure.

I am also planning for a small hiking trip to Bukit Tabur (or Melawati) as well, with my colleagues. Not much people interested. Planning to go on early morning of 21st or 28th June. Anyone is interested?

After I "graduated", I might be looking for a gym center to join. Wonder which has the best package and hopefully it's in Klang. Thinking to go there every morning, or at least thrice a week. Do you have any gym to recommend? If you have joined, what package are you getting?

Let me know if you have any sport for me.


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