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Monday, May 29, 2006

Activities Update - Marathons, Gunung Datuk and Gunung Angsi

You can hardly see me updating my blog lately. I'm quite busy lately, especially with my work in office. After my last run, the Power run, I've been to 2 more marathons recently: Larian Mesra on 16th of April 2006 and Larian Bomba on 7th of May 2006. Though running on the same Dataran Merdeka route (10KM) for both of the runs, I did better for Larian Bomba because of the drizzling weather. I did 1 hour 6 minutes and 1 hour 4 minutes for the runs.

Almost forget another more recent run, New Balance Pacesetters Run, was held on 14th of May. This is a 15km run which I had participated last year. I did slightly better than last year with 1 hour 34 minutes, 2 minutes better. The route is still as bad (too many hills) as last year.

And, before those, on 14th of April, I went to Gunung Datuk once again, for the third time. This time with Swee Hong, Hooi Nee and Ah Lek. A nice short trip.

My latest activity, on last Saturday, I went to Gunung Angsi (once again) with my girlfriend (who went for hiking for the first time), Swee Hong, Ah Lek, Chun Keat (who emitted smoke like an lorry all the way up and down) and Wei Siong (who injured his knee on the way down).

I'm really getting tired to go for the same hill again and again, but I really can't find any hill for one-day trip. (Do suggest and provide the information, if you know any.)

My upcoming activities would be to hike a few more hills as training for my Kinabalu trip in the end of June.


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