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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Gunung Angsi Hiking Trip

Last Sunday, I had been to another hill, Gunung Angsi (Angsi Hill) for a one day hiking trip. With me were Robert, HooiNee and KinChong. I woke up at early as 6:00am to prepare myself and to take train to meet them at Serdang.

From there, we head to Seremban through North South Highway. After exiting highway, we go straight until the end of the road where we had to make a left turning. When we saw another traffic light, we turned right (follow the signboard to Kuala Pilah) before we came to another traffic light. We made another right turning at the traffic light and then another left turning. Then we followed where the road lead to, until we reach Ulu Bendul (the place to start hiking), which is on our right.

We reach the place at around 11:00am (I can't recall the exact time). The place is actually quite commercialized where we can find a few row of food stalls, a natural swimming pool, and bathrooms. We head straight into the forest as soon as we reached the place.

It took around an hour walking on a flat route (an easy trekking) until we came to a campsite. After that, the following 2 hours path was not simple (it should take approximately 3 hours to reach the peak).

There was a dangerous place where we had to use rope to climb. Luckily it was a dry day because we might hurt ourselves if we slipped.

Along the way, we met a group of Christians from Kuala Lumpur. It was their first time to the place (it was ours too). However, they did not make it to the peak. They thought they reached the peak (or nearly to the peak) but actually there was still around 40 minutes to go.

The peak doesn't look very good. Part of the scenery was blocked by trees. But still, we took a number of photographs. We then had our lunch up on the peak. We began to head down hill at about 2:30pm. Walking down the hill was very much faster.

As soon as we reach the campsite, we wash ourselves in the waterfall. The water was extremely frosty but we still jump into in to clean ourselves. We were thinking that we might want to come to the place again for camping, but not hiking simply because the peak is not nice, but the campsite was quite good and close to waterfall.

Next, we trekked back to our starting point for another bath in the public bathroom. After we really cleaned ourselves (but not HooiNee who did not brought any pants), we advanced to Seremban to have dinner.

Although this is quite a disappointing trip among other hiking trips, it's worth experiencing it ourselves rather than listening to others' stories.

[Will add photos soon]


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