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Monday, September 05, 2005

Port Dickson-Melaka Trip

All of sudden, WeiSiong called me in a tired night to ask me whether I'm interested to go for 2 day trip to Port Dickson. Since I didn't been there for quite some time, I agreed. We started our journey to the place last Saturday afternoon. We, SoonFat, his colleague, my girlfriend and I, drove to Seremban to fetch SingWang before we finally reached Corus Paradise hotel at around 4:00pm. We then had a normal meal at a normal road side food court in Port Dickson.

The people and the apartment
WeiSiong and gang reached our rented apartment at around 6:00pm. We spent some time walking along the beach and swimming in the beach. When the sky getting dark, we walked back to our apartment and began to prepare for barbeque. WeiSiong (the so-called organiser of this event) prepared a large amount (the amount you can never imagine) of food. They consist of chicken wings, pork chops (sponsored by my father), hotdogs, 3 kilograms of fish balls, packs of fried beehoon, 2 loaves of bread, few cans of tuna, eggs, 2 watermelons and a large box of coleslaws (made from 2 cabbages and 3 carrots). There were only 9 of us. We ate and chatted all the time from 8:00pm to 2:00am.

The second day, I woke up at 10:30am. After we have some leftovers for breakfast, we went to the beach to play balls. We began with volleyball, then beach soccer and hand ball.

Melaka chicken riceWe left the apartment at 2:00pm and head Melaka, the historical city. We had plenty of food there. First, we had the famous Melaka Chicken Rice. The rice was nicely made into sphere shape, which looks so different compared to what we have in a normal chicken rice shop. The chicken, although not as good as those in Ipoh, were quite good to be taken with the rice.

Gula Melaka in ice
Then, we moved to a dessert shop, or they call it "ice shop". The Gula Melaka in ice that I ordered tastes great with the taste of durian in it.

Satay Celup

The last station we went was the famous "satay celup" stall. All the seafood was tasty, but my stomach too full for it.

We left Melaka at 9:30pm. A great unplanned trip.


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