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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bon Odori Festival

After the waterfall trip, only few of us were interested to go for Bon Odori Celebration in Shah Alam. I've heard of the event in the past years, but I never had the chance to participate it myself and that's why I rushed back from the waterfall to be at this event at 7:30pm. Along the way to the event, I can see that there were many people wearing the T-shirt of the event, waiting to instruct and asist people to reach the place. In addition, they provided a huge parking lot for us. They did a great job in organizing the event. The opening ceremony of the event start at 7:00pm. We were too late for that. When I reached the place, I saw many Japanese, with most of the female wearing kimono, were dancing on the stage, with all the others on the ground followed their moves. On the other side, I can see many Japanese food stalls selling Japanese food. There, I saw my colleagues, YuanHui (together with WeeSeng), SehHui and SookLan (with her husband) enjoying the food. Then as I was queuing to buy some food, I saw KuanYew whom I managed to take a photo with him in such a crowded place.

Then, we walked over to the stage area and I saw YiYang and his gang dancing in the crowd. I took a video of them without their knowledge! For them who want a copy, please email me!

As we walked around, I noticed that there was a martial art performance during the intervals for the dancing sessions. I took some pictures of the performance quite far from the behind of the crowd, crowding toward the performance area. We finally went back slightly earlier before the event actually ends to avoid traffic congestion. Although the event was not very interesting, but I get to learn more about Japanese culture from the event which made the event well worth for my time!


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