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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

PIKOM PC Fair 2005 (III)

Again, I went to this PC Fair twice. I went on Friday for a preview session and again on Sunday to spend some money. The arrangement of the fair is exactly the same like last time with 5 halls, one exhibition hall on the higher floor and 4 other halls joint together to become a large computer hardware bazaar.

This time, I've got something in mind before I go. I've bought a piece of DDR RAM which is not for me. My colleague requested me to buy for him. It costs him only RM75. Then, I bought a LG DVD writer for only RM160. Also, it's not for me. It's for my brother in Sabah.

After rounding the place for hours, I finally found something for myself. I subscribed to PC Magazine for only RM 45. My friend, William paid the other half to get the free gift, a Logitech webcam. I don’t need the webcam. I've got my A4Tech webcam.

During the fair, I found myself wondering around, not knowing what to buy for myself. Maybe I really have everything I ever needed. The one last time I'm going to get should be a PDA. I saw a very good offer there. They are selling the HP 6365 (with free gifts worth RM1000) for only RM1888! However, I'm still undecided. I still can't make up my mind, whether to get a single machine for phone + PDA or I should separate them. I'll see what they have next time.

Though everytime I know I have nothing to buy, I still find myself wandering around in every PC fair. I just don't understand myself!


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