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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fish or Hamster

After spending 2 days going out with William, I heard him keeps on talking about his new aquarium. Suddenly feels so interested to some pets to stay with me in my room. Have been thinking to get pets since I was in secondary school, but didn't really managed to get any. I'm thinking that I'm quite interested in fish or hamster. What do you think? You guys might have been adopting these pets before. If so, please give your opinions on those pets from your past experiences if possible! Maybe you can share some experience in terms of maintenance, cost or time needed.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Alamanda Putrajaya

We were very hungry when we left the job fair. I remembered that my brother mentioned about Alamanda during our previous visit. So, we decided to look for it. Guess what?! We spent around 30 minutes driving around to look for the place! I thought they will provide enough signboards to guide us there, but we don't see any along the way until we almost reach the place. We felt a little bit disappointed when we saw the building. We were expecting something like Midvalley Megamall, however what we got is just about the size of Jaya Jusco Bukit Raja which has only 2 levels. We had a McDonald meal there and window shopped the place until we left the place at around 7:00pm.

Alamanda's website

MSC Recruitment Fair for the ICT Industry 2005

Today, I spent my whole day with William (secondary school friend) at Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) for the job fair. In the hot sunny afternoon, we were asked to walk up the hill to the convention center. I guess, there isn't any car park lots up there! As we went in the building (this is our first visit to PICC), we can feel that the place is quite comfortable and spacious. We were required to do registration before going to the company booths. As I walked around with William, I noticed that he met a lot of his friend from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) but I didn't meet any of my coursemates from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Is this the difference between private and government institution? If yes, why is this so? Why they will go for those opportunities but not us? Perhaps all of my friends had got their ideal jobs?

After wandering around at the booth, we went to look for photostate machine to photocopy resume. They provide free photocopy services! Then, before we went back to the booths, we saw a some people giving speeches in halls that we passed by. We ended up spending our time listening to the speeches about entrepreneurship and didn't submit any of the resumes. Spent hours in the hall and finally left the place at around 5:00pm.


Suddenly feels like writing more blogs in this week. I've just created a few more blogs few days ago. One for my programming and two for digital gadgets. Do check out if you have time. Hopefully you can find something interesting over there. It's in my list of blogs on the right side.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

TVB8 Konsert 6 Jahanam

If I was asked to describe the concert, I would say it’s disappointing! Expecting there will be traffic congestion all the way from Klang to KL, my girlfriend and I started our journey at 5:30pm, since the concert will be starting at 7:00pm. Unbelievably, we reached KL at 6:10pm. We parked our car at Berjaya Times Square and walked over to Jalan Bukit Bintang (the location of the concert). The place was full of people until we can hardly move to the main entrance to the concert. However, we decided not to enter through entrance even though we had the tickets because we can get a nearer view to the stage from the left side of the stage. I guess everyone should know the situation where people are pushing from every direction that makes you unable to move and breathless. We thought its fine seeing as we can see the stage from a near view. There was some speeches and ceremony which started at around 8:30pm. Finally, the concert began at around 9:00pm with 3 songs from Hacken Lee. He had a great and clear voice which is nothing much different from what you can listen from radio. Fish Leong was the next singer, with another 3 songs. Guess who was the next singer? Two unknown Malay singers! MAYBE they are famous, but I never heard of them. After waiting for such a long time in hot and sweaty environment, we left the crowd. And we went back after we get some drinks at Sungei Wang McDonalds. A bad experience for me! Any of you guys went to the place?

Monday, June 13, 2005

ICTS Computer Fair 2005

Last Saturday (04.06.2005), I called few of my friends to accompany me to PC Fair. Sadly, all of them are busy with their own things. After thinking for a while, I finally decided to go on my own with KTM. But, just before I left the house, my brother offered himself to go with me.

When we reached Putra World Trade Center (PWTC), as usual, we expect to enter the fair in maybe second or third floor. But when we went up to second floor, we saw a signboard for the fair, pointing out of the building. What happened? Where’s the fair? After 10 minutes walk, we found the entrance to the fair. It’s located at a small hall in PWTC. A little bit disappointed, we went in to look around. I guess, this is supposed to be our first visit to ICTS Computer Fair, which is supposed to be rather small compared to Pikom PC Fair.

After spending some time in the hall, I still managed to buy some new stuff for myself. I bought a webcam! It’s an A4 Tech Webcam which costs me RM79. My sister in Canada will be very happy with this because she will get the chance to see everyone of us at home. In addition, I got myself a set of rechargeable batteries with charger from GP. It’s really a great bargain. The normal price for the set should be around RM99, but I got it at RM69. Hmm.. That’s all! Just to share with you guys my new stuffs!

Saturday, June 04, 2005


After drink tea session with my Eddie and William (my BEST friends) yesterday night, we decided to go jogging this morning. Slept at 2:00am, I still managed to wake up at 7:40am this morning to call them up! However, it rained heavily as we reach the Klang Stadium. Damn! So, end up having our Bah Kut Teh in Taman Rashna. After that, we went to play badminton (and not continue sleeping), together with SingWang.

As I reached home from badminton, my family was waiting for me to go out. Undecided where to go, we left the house. Since we didn't go to Putrajaya for quite some time already, we made up our mind to go there to take some pictures. For those who's not from Malaysia, Putrajaya is actually a Malaysian Government Administration City. You get to see many building of the ministry there. Additional information of Putrajaya can be reached here. Reached the place at around 3:00pm, round the place to take some photos. First place we laid our legs on is the botanic garden (Taman Botani). It does not require any entrance fee, but we paid RM4.00 for the tram service. Although they claimed that the tour by tram would take around 25 minutes, it actually took 17 minutes to finish the whole tour. In the garden, we get to see many species of tropical plants such as ferns, palms, bamboos and much more which I can't remember the names. In the garden, there's a place to sell plants. For them who loves gardening, you can actually buy some flowers there. My mother keeps on complaining that the plant is sold at such an expensive price with a very few plants available for sale. Next, we went to Putra Mosque (Masjid Putra). The building looks nice. We saw tourists walking in and out of the mosque. However, as we tried to enter the mosque, one of the receptionist there approached us and told us that we are not allowed to enter the building because we are not muslims (No comments here, you guys should understand!). Finally we left the place angrily at around 6:00pm.

One of the greatest thing there would be the view of the well-designed bridges there. Currently, there are around 8 bridges there). The Seri Wawasan bridge should be the best one around, I guess.

We went to Kajang (a place well-known for its satays) for dinner. It took around 15 minutes to travel from Putrajaya to Kajang. We've been to Kajang for satays before, but this time, my colleague recommended me another shop which he claimed "the best in Kajang". For them who never been to the place, should go there and try on the satay there. Drove back from Kajang after that. A tiring day... but well worth it!

The great Seri Wawasan bridge. Posted by Hello

All my family members, except one of my sisters who's in Canada. Posted by Hello