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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's Another Year

It's already 5th day of this new year, I haven't got the time to review what I have done last year and to set new goals for this new year. Remember I did this last year on the very first day of new year!

Looking back my goals for 2009

  1. Lose procrastination attitude and stay motivated to accomplish my monthly financial goal. [No more procrastination! Yea!]

  2. Abide by the schedule I created for myself. Be discipline! [Mission failed. Where's my schedule? Blame it on room renovation!]

  3. Complete all projects on time. [Improved]

  4. Setup my own software development office. [Accomplished]

  5. Lose my belly and build a strong and healthy body. Aim for body weight of 75kg, by visiting gym at least twice a week. [Mission failed, but weight is quite near due to heavy work load and stress, not the healthy way.]

  6. Read at least one book a month. [Mission failed]

  7. Get Competent Communicator title in Toastmaster. [Mission failed. Didn't go for Toastmaster anymore due to tight schedule]

Other things accomplished

  1. Signed the certificate of marriage, legally got myself a wife. If you think this is not an accomplishment, you will know it is one when you get married.

  2. Got myself into a different business world, changed my mindset and perspective in managing business.

  3. Setup a new business with a new office in a new field.

Do I have any other accomplishments? Should have blogged more so I do not need to squeeze my brain now.

Goals for 2010

  1. Financial: Double my net-worth by end of year.

  2. Health 1: To sleep early, by 12:00am daily and wake up early by 8:00am. (I'm writing this post at 2:00am?)

  3. Health 2: Join a gym and go at least twice a week. 75kg is still my goal, but I want it the healthier way.

  4. IT Office: Get myself a few programmers to reduce my work load.

  5. Time management: Allocate at least 1 days a week for myself and family. To regain control of my own time.

  6. Personal development: To improve communication skills, hopefully thru Toastmaster.

That's it. And... maybe writing more blog posts should be one of my goals..



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