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Friday, December 26, 2008

A Long Christmas Day

My Christmas day started the night before, my whole gang of buddies gathered at my house for BBQ and beers all night. Played some silly games till 1:00am and finally when to bed at 2:00am after cleaning up everything.

The Christmas morning, we all went to Dewan Sungai Pinang for badminton, which we book the court the night before with a wrong guard. Luckily the court was open because the "Seng" family (Wei "Seng", Ee "Seng", ...) also booked the other court at the same time.

I was quite surprised that everyone managed to wake up so early to be at the court before 9:30am though the few of us finished 2 cartons of Carlsberg.

In the afternoon, I (and girlfriend) went to Tropicana City with William (and his girlfriend), which he claimed to be one of the biggest mall in Malaysia. I was very disappointed with the place. Many parts of it are still in renovation, so the smell paint and cement are all around. Besides that, about 40% of the shops are not opened yet. Contrary from William's claim, the mall was so damned small. Not much bigger than the tiny Jusco Bukit Raja. If you haven't been there, just wait for another 3 months.

Didn't manage to find any food to eat at Tropicana City, we headed to One Utama. After stucked in traffic for about 1 hour, we reach One Utama and found that all parking lots were full and closed. So, we were forced to go somewhere else. Next obvious choice was The Curve, but it was also full.

Planning to go back, I suddenly thought of having Dim Sum at Sungai Buloh, which is not far to travel from Kota Damansara. When I reach the place, found that IT WAS CLOSED!!!

So, we have no place to go but to head back to Klang. On the way back, I thought of Subang Parade which I thought will not be crowded. While on the way there, we met a "gangster". We were like queuing quite long for a traffic light. Suddenly, a car tried to cut into the queue right in front of me. So, as usual, I would not allow a car like that to cut in. With my driving skill, he didn't manage to cut in, but right after that, he drove to the side of my car and show us his tattoo for about 30 seconds, trying to scare us. I don't know what he is trying to prove but maybe he thinks that gangster just don't have to queue. I don't know what a girl (his girlfriend/wife in the car) thinks about a man like that. Have you guys met anything like this?

Not to be bothered by the incident, we continue our way to Subang Parade. AND, YES, IT IS NOT CROWDED. Easily get a good parking spot. Bought some cloths and had our dinner there. And finally reach home at 10:30pm.

So, it's a very long day for me. How did you spend your Christmas?


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