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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Few Days in Langkawi Island

So much work keeps coming. Sometimes I thought I would take a break to relax after I finish my current project. It would be really.. really good. However, just think of it, will the day ever come? The work just keep coming. So, with so much work in hand, I was with my family, for a short three-day trip in Pulau Langkawi last week.

During my time there, I still can see many places I have seen 4 years ago, when I was there with my UTM coursemates. I really enjoy the trip last time. Some of the places were renovating. Some look totally different, especially the Underwater World.

Glad to find my Dopod D810 GPS is working properly there! I didn't check whether the malsingmaps covers roads in Langkawi before I go.

The new Toyota Innova that we rented. It costs us RM260, slightly expensive than normal package because we reach in the morning, left in the night of the third night. It costs around RM250 for normal 3-day-2-night, and still negotiable.

The Seven Wells waterfall. We didn't climb the stairs up to the real seven well but we really enjoy ourselves at the waterfall below the wells. Imagine the ice cool water splashing on your back in a hot and sunny day.

Another nice waterfall, the Temurun waterfall.

We choose to go on the Mangroove boat trip. We were brought around in a boat to the places at the north-west of the Langkawi Island. We went through a cave in boat, we see monkeys, we see bats in another cave, we see snakes, we see eagles, we see lots of Mangroove trees (of course), we had a nice seafood meal on a floating restaurant. With so many things, it costs somewhere RM500 per boat. Oh, we also see many different weird fishes from sea, which they caught and kept at a place to show the special abilities of the fishes.

The seafood in a floating restaurant. They served 3 fishes, 2 plate of prawns, fried rice and some vegetables.

The Black Sand Beach. Don't know why it's black, it's just black.

Spend an evening at Tanjung Rhu. The scenery is undoubtedly beautiful, especially during sunset. We also found that there's sandbar connecting Tanjung Rhu beach to opposite island. That means you could walk to the opposite beach (which is about 2km away) without getting your shirt wet!

We spent about RM25 per person to get ourselves into the Underwater World. I would say all the animal, fishing, everything were great except for ONE thing. That is the 3D cinema, showing a very tedious story. The 3D effect is really bad, especially if you have seen the quality of those 3D videos in Disneyland.

You can find penguins in Underwater World! The ones with yellow eyebrow look exactly like those you can find in Happy Feet.

I didn't had the chance to get on the cable car last time and I thought I must go up the hill this time. But no luck for me. It was closed for maintenance. If you are going, make sure you check when it will be down for maintenance. They have a monthly scheduled maintenance. Besides that, they will not run it when it's raining. So, plan properly.

Found this at the Oriental Park at the bottom of cable car station. Does it really free? Why put up the stand when they are not putting up the price? Or they are keeping it blank to cheat some Mat Salleh?

Burned rice or beras terbakar. You will find a place where the Langkawi once used to burn the rice they harvested when Siam attacks them. When they don't get to enjoy it, they don't let the Siam have it as well! Good... die together!

It was a nice trip. A place I look forward to go again for a low cost and relaxing trip.



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