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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Newly Renovated UOB Bank

Recently, the UOB bank near my house just renovated. They installed lots of new machines, replacing all old machines. It looks good.

My parents have been using the bank's services for a few years, for their good services and walking-distance location. Surprisingly, today my parents were waiting for me to help them bank in some cheques. I thought that's a trivial thing that they could do it themselves?

The silly bank management, after the renovation, removed all the envelope-style cheque deposit machines, replaced with those machines that you will need to key in every detail at the machine. What a brilliant idea to save some trees but I believe they will lose lots of their customers.

Why I say so? Firstly, I notice that they had long queue during peak hours. How much time do you need to drop the envelope? Five seconds! How much time do you need to key in account number and cheque details? Errr.. at least few minutes!

Secondly, how many people, especially the older generation, will actually spend time to learn new things like this? OK, it's not really a new technology. But, my parents have been filling up the cheque deposit form for the past decade. Do you really want them to change? They don't really touch computers or such machines for the past decade! Besides that, who should take the responsibility if the things are entered wrongly?

Thirdly, I believe the old-style machines should be more robust than the new machines that do lots of processing. The old-style machine only accepts the envelope, than print a slip. The new one requires more processing. They also need to embed a scanner inside. So, when you have more functions, you fail more.

When I was there to deposit the cheques at 10:00pm, two of the machines are out of order. I will have to queue for few minutes, waiting for the one person before me. YES, I AM QUEUING AT 10:00PM! The other machine, went offline while I key-in the details half way. The guard has nothing to say. He can only smile to us.

For this, I would give a thumb-up to Maybank which keeps the envelope-style cheque deposit machine at their branches.

I was wondering, if you were driving few kilometers to the bank to deposit the cheques, and you had a situation like this, what would you do? (Remember! 1km = RM0.30!!)


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