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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Three Sport Sessions In One Week!

Apart from career perspective, two of the things that I want to get after I left my full time job are to go for more sports and to sleep more. I think I have achieved one of them in this very first week!

I went for golf on Thursday. I went for badminton with UTM seniors yesterday. This morning, despite very sleepy, I woke up for jogging at Taman Rakyat.

After jogging, I went to a mamak stall at Pandamaran. I was surprised to see the shop is so crowded early in the morning. I was then informed that it is actually famous for its roti canai.

The roti canai was very thin and crispy. Besides that, it is not as oily like what you can find elsewhere. The pre-packed nasi lemak on the table was not bad as well. I bumped into many friends and relatives there. Maybe I need to bring some name cards there, so that I could promote my services. Haha!

I hope sport activities like these will keep coming!



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