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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bukit Melawati (Tabur) - Round 2

I have been to Bukit Melawati last time, but didn't blog about it. I just went there again yesterday.

I remember that it takes about one and half hour for me to travel from Klang to Taman Melawati. By using my Dopod D810 as my GPS this time, I managed to reach there in less than an hour! If you are interested to go there from Klang, make sure you go from NKVE way, definitely not KESAS. (Let me know if you want me to guide you there)

For this trip, I was with my colleagues at eGENTING and a few from WorldCard. The trip was nice, but the weather is too hot because we are only starting our journey at 9:30am, waiting for one another at Giant.

In beginning of the journey, everyone thought the trip will be an easy one. We were only walking on normal trekking path. After about 20 minutes hike, we saw the first nice scenery. There's a nice lake, which the water was retained by the dam there. Due to the very hot weather, we are unable to take nice picture. It would be better if we could reach the spot at around 8:00am. (But that would make me leave home at 6:00am!)

As we continued, we began to reach the rocky path. There, you get to feel some easy rock climbing. Also, there are two spots where you need to climb down with a rope. The weak or the heavy ones would have some problem there. Those are the points that decide how long the trip would take. You will have to rely on the strength of your hand to do it.

One of us, Tee Li, got his thigh muscle cramp while overcoming some of the harder obstacles. We had to slow down the team.

While you are at the top, you get to see part of the Kuala Lumpur city. I remember I could see KLCC last time. But this time, it was covered with dirty air and bad visibility. Thanks to air pollution.

We went through a few rocky slopes until we come to a sign that indicates that we could head down from the hill through a "jungle" path. The jungle route was filled with fruit trees. We saw some durian, rambutan, mangosteen, cempedak and petai trees there.

The gang from WorldCard managed to get back to beginning point at about 1:00pm. We, as we wait for the injured one, only managed to reach the bottom at 2:30pm. Glad that Tee Li, though injured, still managed walk down the path unaided.

We then have our lunch at Giant. We parted at 3:40pm.

Expecting that the trip will take only half day, it ended up that it took one whole day. I only reached home at 5:00pm after I sent my colleague, Fang-Yin, home.

Sorry that you don't find any photos. I didn't bring any camera. I'll upload some pictures once I got it.

Update: Bukit Melawati Pictures



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