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Monday, June 16, 2008

Collected "Free Money" from Government

I just collected the RM625 fuel rebate through Post Office (Sungei Wang). I went there the get the queue number before I have my lunch. My number was 1299, and the running number was around 1220. After I finished my lunch, the number was at 1295. How nice. The guy at the counter was responsive. It took about 1 minute to process the transaction. Even the money was calculated and prepared earlier. Well done for the great service.

You might be asking, why everyone wants to get it so fast when they have 365 days. I think it's because of our flip-flop government that can't really make quick and correct decision at one time. They might regret it some day and do it away. Besides that, I'm not sure when and how the new fuel card system will be implemented. Getting cash into my pocket first should be the best thing to do. Do you agree?

If you are not sure what you need to get the money, just bring your left thumb and MyKad (I/C). All you need to do, is to get the form and fill it up with your very basic information such as name, I/C number, car registration number, telephone and address. There is a written guide on the wall, telling you how to fill it up. I was told that there's an online form which you can download, but the POS Malaysia website is down at this moment.

What's your opinion on this fuel rebate? Have you got yours?


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