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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ideal Workplace

I just can't find THE IDEAL WORKPLACE for me to concentrate on my work. I keep changing the place I work, not from a company to another, but from different place in my room or different location in my house.

Just can't stop finding reason for me to not concentrate on my work. Just few months ago, I do a big room reorganisation to relocate my work desk. With one person using two desks, I'm still no satisfied. Then, I attached my LG LCD to my HP Compaq laptop, work with two monitors at one time. I also attached external keyboard and mouse to my laptop.

Then, I shifted to downstair of my house and work on the big table in the hall. Find the place is good to work. After some time, I shifted back to my room, back to my work desk.

My current location is a temporary table set up in my room (leaving my work desk empty), and work without any keyboard attached (just days ago, I have it attached).

(I skipped quite a number of changes which I'm too lazy to write.)

Not to scare you, the long story didn't happen in one day or one week, it's an ongoing process that took a couple of months.

Now, after trying all the possibilities, I am thinking of STARTING AN OFFICE! Will office really solve my problem, I wonder..



  • At Monday, November 10, 2008 4:14:00 AM, Blogger huibee said…

    i dont know how others are
    but i normally switch my study locations quite often also

    perhaps what you need to think
    is what kind of environment that you actually like and want to work in, that you feel easy, comfortable and convenient?

    or is it the problem to concentrate, but not the environment itself?
    i thought your room is a good enough place to work in..

  • At Monday, November 10, 2008 8:09:00 AM, Blogger Felix Leong said…

    I'm in the opinion that your own room is the worst place to work in, to be honest.

    Personally I'd say that despite that location is important, I'd say that knowing what kind of ambiance you prefer working at *and then* finding a good location is far easier.

    For instance, I find myself working best at a quiet cafe (e.g. O Cha Cha at The Gardens) last time which I identified the criteria of motivation as:
    1. quiet, but still with light music to create warmth
    2. clear desk (i.e. only with minimal equipment and stationery)
    3. ease of getting food/drinks that I like (i.e. without preparation, and can get quickly without hassles)
    4. one point of focus/clear aim and goal that is achievable in a few hours/a day

    Knowing these criteria, I have adopted that approach in my new office and found out myself more efficient than back in my old office which I felt stressed out more often.

    Probably worth pondering :)


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