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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Feeling Tired

"You have so many tasks in mind that you don't have the time to finish anything at all. Then, when you look at the calendar, you notice another week is gone already."

That's what happening to me right now. Every time I review my to-do list, the list never go shorter, but it gets longer.

Why is that happening even I have been chasing for it all day? I leave home in the morning (though not early) and reaches home at 10pm daily but why things do not improve at all?

Clients still chasing me for a long overdue project. I still don't have much time for family or girlfriend. I still have to work at home every weekend.

Prioritising working is very important. Discipline is also critical for success.

I need to be more focused on what I wanted to achieve. Let me just sit down in a quiet environment to think about it, rather than rushing without any clear direction....

(This post is probably a rambling after drinking too much the day before and no mood to do anything today)



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