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Monday, January 19, 2009

Donated RM30 to APT

WARNING: This is a complaint blog post. Stop reading if you are busy.

I have been a loyal customer of APT for more than 4 years (maybe longer, I can't recall my previous barber before them). I don't have specific hairstyle that I want nor I have high requirement for good look. Maybe that's the reason I could stay with them for so long.

Loyal with them because of what?

For their price that goes up from RM18 to RM30?

For their hairstylist who never recognise me and treat me like I'm new everytime I'm there?

Or for their unfriendly hairstylist?

It's actually for the convenience of walking distance from my house (so, it's actually loyal for no reason).

Although I would get a different hairstylist and get myself a different hairstyle every time I visit them, I have never get the experience I'm getting today. The hairstylist actually cut very little hair off my head then put on some hair gel and assume it's done.

When I commented on it, she give so many excuses for not cutting my hair any shorter. Maybe she's the "professional" hairstylist who think for the best look for the customer, but I am not sure why I should spend 20 minutes and spent RM30 there, if I don't get my hair much shorter that I expected.

OK, I might look so damn cool for this week. By next week, I'll need to get another haircut again? Think for the sake of my wallet.

My advice to hairstylists, we are not artists. We don't get our haircut every day or every week. So do it properly. Besides that, I can't shape my hair like a artist and visit bank HQ to negotiate for big deals. All I need is just a formal look. Not everyone wants to look like the coolest artist in town.

So, to keep myself happy, I'll just assume I have DONATED RM30 to them.

My compliant ends. Please comment on this issue. Would you prefer a reliable Indian barber than this kind of service?


Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Whole New Year

2008 had been a wonderful year for me. It is the year that I really left the comfort zone to be in a whole new unpredictable world, though I actually planned to do it in 2007.

Since I joined this new world in July 2007, I find myself keep looking for excuses for not doing my best for my own company. I should be glad to work for myself, which is what I really want all the while. Discipline is certainly one of my biggest problems I'll have to overcome.

Maybe I'll have to list down some of the few things I want to accomplish in 2009. I'm not sure how useful are new year resolutions, and I never believe in writing it before.

Here are the few things that I hope to accomplish in 2009 (and I shall review them by end of 2009!):

  1. Lose procrastination attitude and stay motivated to accomplish my monthly financial goal.

  2. Abide by the schedule I created for myself. Be discipline!

  3. Complete all projects on time.

  4. Setup my own software development office.

  5. Lose my belly and build a strong and healthy body. Aim for body weight of 75kg, by visiting gym at least twice a week.

  6. Read at least one book a month.

  7. Get Competent Communicator title in Toastmaster.

Is that all? I'm not sure, but these will be my direction in 2009 and I will take 100% responsibility to achieve them!