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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Singapore Trip

The last time I went to Singapore was few years back when I was in UTM. Time flies, that was at least 6 years ago. It was last weekend that I revisited this "expensive" place again. I feel like I have accumulated sufficient purposes to go there again.

Ever since Genting started the casino in Sentosa, I have always wanted to see how nice the place is, especially when I have seen so many mock up designs and videos when I was with eGenting.

Secondly, I have always wanted to visit my friends who work in Singapore. They have been there for years and I have not have the chance to see them in Singapore yet.

Of course, there is also plan to get myself an iPad, which has been launched in Singapore and not Malaysia. I don't know why things reach Singapore faster than Malaysia, although the two countries are only separated by a tiny strait.

There is also pressure by my wife who has not been to Singapore since her kindergarten days, although I repeatedly told her that Singapore is nothing different, only more expensive.

After we planned everything, we also lucky to have GeekCamp held at the same time, which we could join a few sessions.

With a very limited time, less than 48 hours, and so many things to accomplish, it's definitely a trip that makes you tired, not to relax yourself at all.

With Seh Hui blogged in great detail on our itinerary, I am not going to repeat the same words. Go: A Brief Singapore Trip by Felix Leong.

I am sure you can see how tiring we were, if you read how much walking we have done from his blog.

My version of the trip is actually much more tiring compared to his, because we have the most "exciting" time after he left.

I wrote this on the bus, with my new iPad, right after it happened:

The Last Minute Rush

We had a very exciting rush at the very end of the trip. Our last point of exit will be The Plaza, which we will leave by First Coach bus at 6:45pm. We were having our dinner at The McDonald's at Boat Quay until 6pm which we thought we are only one station away from Nicoll Highway station, the place to get ourselves to The Plaza.

While we were walking to the station, we realized that we need to travel to Dhoby Ghaut to switch to Circle Line (another MRT line), to get to Nicoll Highway. At that point of time, we thought we still have plenty of time and MRT should be much more reliable than our LRT back in Malaysia.

Things got much more exciting when we reach Dhoby Ghaut station. We saw a train about to leave and the alarm rang right before we entered. We failed to step in.

The next train that we boarded the train did not move. The door opened and closed for a few times. The time was 6:20pm. For the fifth time it opened, we decided to run out of the station to take a cab. It was a very risky decision because we have no idea which direction are we heading and taxis could stuck in traffic jam.

As we reach the street, instinct told us to cross the road. We saw more than 10 taxis but they are all hired. The time was 6:30pm and we have no idea which direction and how far are we. As we run, yes run like crazy, along the street, we were lucky to find someone just got off from a taxi!

The taxi driver told us that we are very near to Beach Rd and asked us not to worry. All the traffic light turns red as we go along. It seems like we are destined not to leave Singapore at that time.

Finally, when the driver told us that we have arrived, he told us that Parkroyal is supposed to be The Plaza and we do not see any sign of green bus as described by my sister, who is leaving with us.

As he U-turned and drove past Parkroyal, he realized that The Plaza is actually a building behind Parkroyal. We were relieved to see the green bus. We reached the bus at 6:43pm. And, we boarded the bus and left the place at 6:50pm.

This experience is priceless.

Our feeling, even after so many days is simple: Don't visit Singapore anymore! It's going to be a trip that makes you tired. Don't get cheated by the advertisements that describe Singapore as shopping heaven, I was unable to buy a single item from Orchard Rd, after spending hours at the place. Or probably the problem is not the place, the problem is ME!

If you are more interested with the iPad than my trip, I have shared my iPad thoughts on another blog few days ago. Go: iPad from Singapore.



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