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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Malaysia Entrepreneurs' Startup Camp

Since I left eGENTING to do a startup, though a small one, thought it might be useful to join the Startup Camp organised by Malaysia Entrepreneurs (check the schedule to roughly know what is it all about).

I was planning to be there early to get myself a T-shirt (limited by first 100) but failed to do so because I had a severe stomachache early in the morning. I reached the Plug and Play Centre at 9:30am, so I managed to join "Profiling: Picking The Right Partners" by Michael Reyes from Money Tree. I must say he's a good speaker and learn what to look for when you need to get a partner. He also made me realised that I shouldn't get the partner I was planning to get.

Next, I thought MSC Pre Seed Grants would help a little in my small company, but after listening to it, I understand that the things I'm working for, is not really suitable to get a grant. Besides that, it was a session where there are too many people standing at the front, each of them trying to tell a story of their own, made the whole session out of control.

I then left for lunch early because I haven't had anything yet. Heard from my girlfriend who attended another session that the other speaker is too inexperience to share his experience.

After that, I can't find any of the session interesting until 5:00pm when Dr Sivapalan spoke about "7 Deadly Sins of Entrepreneurs". He is quite right, from what I learned from his speech, I would fail miserably soon, if I'm working the way I'm.

The 7 Deadly Sins:

  1. Not enough research - I didn't do much research, I don't even know who's my competitor!

  2. Not focus - I'm taking all kinds of projects!

  3. Under capitalised - Never thought of capital yet!

  4. Weak team - Do I have a team?!

  5. Lack of strategy - What is strategy?!

  6. Value proposition - Err.. at least I have some values.

  7. Weak marketing and sales - Haha. One leg kicking!

Guess I'm planning to fail. Time to change!

Besides learning a little from the talks, I also learn something new: Young speakers are either success too early or failed too early. They are not ready to share experience when the successful ones don't know how to overcome failures and the failed ones don't know about how to success. Only the ones who has gone ups and downs can tell you the real story. (Anyway, there are exceptions too.)


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

I haven't been to the cinema for months, didn't expect the next movie I'm watching is Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. My comment on the show was simple: Humorous but the story line is slightly too simple and predictable. It's definitely a good show for the kids (and I suppose it's meant for them).

I thought I'll just need to relax as I have too much things to think lately. The movie just fits how I wanted it to be.

Go get yourself some laughs.


When I was writing this, I received a call from one of my partners. Told me something really serious. Something that I wouldn't want to confront now, but it has to happen very soon. The outside world has so much obstacles to overcome (so, I advise you to be contented when you're with a good company). I guess that's the price to pay to be successful. Didn't expect something so simply could become so hard..... I just want to write some computer programs, man!


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ideal Workplace

I just can't find THE IDEAL WORKPLACE for me to concentrate on my work. I keep changing the place I work, not from a company to another, but from different place in my room or different location in my house.

Just can't stop finding reason for me to not concentrate on my work. Just few months ago, I do a big room reorganisation to relocate my work desk. With one person using two desks, I'm still no satisfied. Then, I attached my LG LCD to my HP Compaq laptop, work with two monitors at one time. I also attached external keyboard and mouse to my laptop.

Then, I shifted to downstair of my house and work on the big table in the hall. Find the place is good to work. After some time, I shifted back to my room, back to my work desk.

My current location is a temporary table set up in my room (leaving my work desk empty), and work without any keyboard attached (just days ago, I have it attached).

(I skipped quite a number of changes which I'm too lazy to write.)

Not to scare you, the long story didn't happen in one day or one week, it's an ongoing process that took a couple of months.

Now, after trying all the possibilities, I am thinking of STARTING AN OFFICE! Will office really solve my problem, I wonder..


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Universiti Putra Malaysia Golf Course - Rate

Managed to take the picture of the pricing for UPM Golf Course.

Might go there next week, hopefully during weekdays, cheaper + not crowded. Very pressure when you have people waiting behind you...

First Time Driving a Buggy

... also mean first time in a real golf course.

This morning I went to the Bukit Utama Golf Course. It only has nine holes. Price to pay is RM40 for 9 holes plus RM20 for the buggy. Another RM3 for insurance (which is NOT for human, but for the windows of condominium nearby). It would be much cheaper going during weekday.

Still trying to master irons, I used only irons to hit some more than 400m holes. Glad that my 3-iron can reach about 140m. Seeing improvements! Last week, I was struggling to get the ball flying with 3-iron. Get an average of 7 per hole. Sounds bad but looking forward to go there again.

Last week, We went to Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Golf Course, but the place is too packed. There were about 5 buggies queing. So, we were only practicing at the driving range there.

Looking forward to go for more practice at driving range.

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