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Monday, June 13, 2005

ICTS Computer Fair 2005

Last Saturday (04.06.2005), I called few of my friends to accompany me to PC Fair. Sadly, all of them are busy with their own things. After thinking for a while, I finally decided to go on my own with KTM. But, just before I left the house, my brother offered himself to go with me.

When we reached Putra World Trade Center (PWTC), as usual, we expect to enter the fair in maybe second or third floor. But when we went up to second floor, we saw a signboard for the fair, pointing out of the building. What happened? Where’s the fair? After 10 minutes walk, we found the entrance to the fair. It’s located at a small hall in PWTC. A little bit disappointed, we went in to look around. I guess, this is supposed to be our first visit to ICTS Computer Fair, which is supposed to be rather small compared to Pikom PC Fair.

After spending some time in the hall, I still managed to buy some new stuff for myself. I bought a webcam! It’s an A4 Tech Webcam which costs me RM79. My sister in Canada will be very happy with this because she will get the chance to see everyone of us at home. In addition, I got myself a set of rechargeable batteries with charger from GP. It’s really a great bargain. The normal price for the set should be around RM99, but I got it at RM69. Hmm.. That’s all! Just to share with you guys my new stuffs!


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