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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Redang Island Graduation Trip

Days after graduate has been great. I'd been waiting eagerly for this Redang trip since last year. Actually, I'd planned to go Redang last year but was cancelled because of SARS outbreak at that time. I took this chance to really enjoy Redang Island that I'd been waiting for a long time. For this trip, we took the package provided by Redang Pelangi Resort. They really gave us a very good Redang experience with great price. Together with me were my UTM housemates and few coursemates. We started our journey for this trip in the night of 17.04.2005 and finally reached home in the morning of 21.04.2005. This trip had been a very tight-scheduled and short (3-day-2-night trip), but it gave me a real great beach experience especially during snorkelling. Before this I went to snorkelling once, in Pangkor Island. I was quite afraid to get close to the fishes and not really dare to touch the fishes. However, during this visit to the island, I felt that I began to like the sea and underwater world. The water is so clear that I was able to see the colourful coral clearly from the surface. The marine park has lots of fishs with different colours and we were supplied with breads where we got the chance to feed the fishs with hand. Another great experience during this trip was to swim together with the baby sharks. Yet, I was not brave enough to touch the sharks! The only bad thing for the trip was the long travelling time. Still, for the great views and experiences, I'm looking forward to visit Redang Island again!

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