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Monday, April 04, 2005

Travelling Back Hometown

It took me 7 hours for me to travel from Skudai, Johor to Klang (my hometown). Normally it should take about 4 hours at most to drive back. I started my journey at 4:00pm yesterday after packing everything into my car. Planned to move everything back, but too bad, my chair could not fit in and I still have to ask my friend to move my table back (Thanks to Edison Wong). 3 of us, Robert, Yi Yang and I was driving our own car, but we travel together. It started to rain heavily at around 6:00pm and we are moving around 5km every 30 minutes. We saw many car accidents along the way, a Proton Waja was upside down in the middle of the road. At around 8:00pm, we are getting hungry, so we decided to turn into Seremban to take our dinner before continue back to our own place. We turned out from highway at Senawang toll and travel through town roads to Seremban to have our dinner. After that, we continued our journey at around 9:30pm and finally reached home at 11:00pm. Afterwards, I unpacked my things into my room and setup my computer before bathing. A tired journey, but this would be the last time for me to travel from Skudai to Klang for study. Next, I will plan how to enjoy my 1 month holiday before starting my working life!


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