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Friday, April 01, 2005

Finish My Degree

Just finish my final 3 papers for my final exam in my final semester in UTM. Hopefully I don't get any bad result for my final exams and able to graduate with first class degree. Convocation date will fall somewhere in August 2005. I can't believe that I've actually finished my degree course. I've spent 4 years here in Johor. I still can remember the feeling when my brother and mom sent me here. I was so sad to see them left me alone here without any friend. Everything is still fresh in my mind. However, after spending such a long time here, I've met and get along many good buddies. Without them, I wouldn't be able to have such a great campus life. Still not able to see what I'll be in coming working days. I will probably start working in May 2005. And my plans for whole April would be to enjoy a graduation trip (to Redang Island and possibly Cameron Highlands), a visit to Ipoh and Teluk Intan as well, find jobs, and to prepare myself to move myself to the next phase of my life!


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