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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Larian Mesra Rakan Cop 2005

After the previous run last week, I went to another run again. This run is organised by Police Department annually and this was the second time I participated but I can't really remember the running route. After the warming up run last week, I was more prepared for this run. Around 6:15am in the morning, we reached Kuala Lumpur Police Headquarter. Together with me were my brother, WeeSeng, BoonSeng, WinSeng and PeiYi. The run started at around 7:30am. The route was not too hot because the skycrapers in KL are already able to cover us from the sun light. However, I was not very comfortable with the polluted air caused be the heavy vehicles. I recorded a better time this time with around 1hr 5mins for this 10KM run. Although I still not able to run very well but still I was able to continue running for the whole path without taking any rest. A great achievement for myself as I rested for so many times last week for the 7KM charity run. I'm now looking forward for more run and better running time.


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