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Saturday, May 21, 2005

TMNET Streamyx Experience

I've actually signed up for streamyx last month (April), and I finally get my streamyx activated today. It took them so many weeks to get me online. I think I haved already called the streamyx help center for more than 5 times. It's long story since the sign-up date. The story began this way. I heard there's promotion for streamyx RM66 package which I'll get a free modem with built-in router. So, I signed the contract with a third party company (a reseller) and they promised me that the service will be available very soon. After 1 week, they called me and told me that the modem is ready and I can collect from them anytime. The second day, I went to see them and collect the modem. I was so happy at that moment that everything can be done so fast. Since I've done streamyx configuration when I was in Johor last time, so I don't want to pay for the streamyx guy to come over and install for me (this saves me RM50). When I finally get home and installed the modem, the DSL light is off. So, I called the streamyx help line, to the technical side. And they told me that has something to do with the activation side. And so, I called again, to the activation side. The activation side is normally busy where I need to queue in the phone for few minutes. When finally someone answered my call, they told me that they have actually done the jumpering thing for my phone line and the DSL light is supposed to be on. So, they told me that they will check the problem for me and call me back after few days. Waited days after days, unpatiently I call them again. And all I was told was still "wait"! After few weeks with many calls to the center, I finally tell them that I hope them to send me a technician. This morning, they sent a Malay guy here (a contractor for streamyx). When he plug in the modem, the light is on already. Shits! He told me that he just do the jumpering thing for me. What the hell! The help center operator told me that they have already done it earlier! Then that guy call the activation center and activated my account for me. Then he ask me to sign a paper, so that he can claim a fee from TMNET. He didn't do a thing here, I've done all the configuration myself! All the did was the jumpering thing that is provided by streamyx free of charge! Then, I called the help center again, and they ask me to sign first then call the billing department to void the charge. So much trouble for a broadband connection! Really hope I've option for other broadband provider. Hopefully I don't have to pay the fee since all the installation has been done earlier by myself...


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