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Sunday, May 22, 2005

New Balance Pacesetters 15km Run 2005

The same old running gang went with me to this run again. This run would be the longest route I've ever run. Beginning and ends at Taman Tasik Perdana, the route was quite tough for me as we are required to run up and down hill all the way. I can see that the people who joined this run are quite good in running and the organiser is limiting the number of participants to 1200 people only. The fee for this run is quite expensive (RM40.00) but, they are giving out a new balance running vest which should cost quite a lot. For the website of the run, click here.

After the blow off, I run at a faster pace in the beginning. I was able to follow BoonSeng for quite long, around 2km I think. However, the steep route makes me mentally weak. All along the run, I can see people overtook me but I didn’t get a chance to overtake any of them. At around 10km, I can feel that my knee started to pain and my shoes were getting tighter and tighter as my leg began to expand after the long run. I finally stop running to walk twice as the pain became worse. However, I managed finish the run with 1:39:29. I think this should be a quite good achievement for me since I never go for any sport anymore. My job is demanding so much time from me. BoonSeng, WinSeng and my brother recorded better time than me. After the run, there’s lucky draw. BoonSeng and WinSeng were so lucky to get a New Balance goodie bag.

The gang who went along with me to the Pacesetter's run. Posted by Hello

A finisher's medal from the Pacesetter's run. Posted by Hello


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