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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Becoming A Father

My baby Adelyn was born last month and I officially become a father. Time past really fast, can't believe my last post was one year ago. Too many things happened during the year, becoming father is one of the significant event for my wife and me.

To all father-to-be, I strongly recommend you to be in the labour room. It's really a lifetime opportunity that you must experience to know how a baby is born.

Over the month, we really learned that it's really not easy to grow a child, especially at this stage when cry is the only mode of communication.

At least things are getting better now when she learned to know day and night.

Just started to bring her out for shopping few days ago. After the day, you don't really remember much about what you have seen at the mall, you only remember about comforting her throughout the day. All you are shopping are only her clothes, toys or other necessities for her. It's no longer NAS, hard disk nor SAN storage system, it's breast milk storage system we are shopping.

Even when you are eating, you need to take turn!

All these may scare you, but you will be happy and contented when you see her sleep soundly. That's the joy of parenting, I guess.



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